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Jewelry course for adults

Course duration: 1h30 to 2h (depending on the course)

Prices :

1 private lesson (1 person): $ 45

1 set of 4 private lessons (1 person): $ 160 for the set. 

1 semi-private lesson (2 people and more) $ 35 per person.

1 set of 4 semi-private lessons (2 people and more): $ 120 per person for the set. 

1 group of 6 people or more: $ 30 per person.


NB: There is an additional charge of $ 20 for each additional hour to be added to the above prices.


Registration :

By phone with a credit card, in store for any other means of payment.


Payment :

The course must be paid in advance to ensure registration in the appointment book.


Schedule :

You must book the course at least one week in advance.

We will determine the time and date of the course with you according to your availability and ours.


Postpone or cancel a course:

  • notify more than 48 hours in advance: no penalty

  • notify less than 48 hours in advance: penalty of half of the amount due

  • notify the same day or not come to the course: the course is neither postponed, nor reimbursed, nor compensated by gift certificate.

  • cancellation: no refund. Possibility of exchange with merchandise or a gift certificate less the penalties that apply if applicable.


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